Monthly Archives: December 2015

The Institute Makes a Change

cropped-IFH_small.jpgIFCFor over 30 years the Institute for Hemp has been a resource for information about the Cannabis plant.  In those many years we have focused primarily on the truth about the plant’s many other uses besides those commonly known.  Again primarily with Industrial Cannabis products.  However we have always been in favor of a complete Cannabis industry.

We have also grappled with the words Hemp and Marijuana.  The use of these words isn’t accurate from a scientific standpoint nor from a truth standpoint.

The word hemp is used for many plants throughout the world to indicate a plant which has a Bast fiber similar to that of the Cannabis Plant.  The truth is that Cannabis fiber is the Rolls Royce of bast fibers, the one to which all others are compared.

The word Marijuana is a word that was invented by those opposed to the Cannabis Plant.  It is a word that is pure propaganda and we refuse to use the word as it re-enforces many stereotypes to far to many people.

From this point forward The Institute for Hemp shall be known as the Institute for Cannabis.

We will focus more widely on the uses of Cannabis in all of it’s aspects.