Is Cannabis Safe?

nih1According to a study done by the NIH it appears that Cannabis doesn’t cause the kinds of troubles generally told to the public.  NIH author also concludes there is medical benefits from cannabis.


Finally, there is evidence suggesting a therapeutic impact of cannabis on reducing spasticity associated with MS, chronic neuropathic pain, and nausea and vomiting in individuals undergoing chemotherapy.

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Ultimately, the federal policies remain stagnant because the process is circular; the clinical research methods and standardization are limited by the current policy, but the current policy is difficult to change because the lack of research standardization produces mixed findings.

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How much cannabis must one consume to actually overdose.

No one is completely sure as there has never been a recorded case of overdose to FDA, NIH, NIDA, or DEA.  It has been pretty much determined that a person would have to consume 1,500lbs in 15 minutes time to actually overdose.

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