cropped-IFC.jpgSince 1985 The Institute has worked and or communicated with many currently working with Cannabis on a legal level in the United States and around the world. We have worked with Ukrainian’s, Soviets, Dutch, Chinese and others.

Founded in 1985, by John Birrenbach, as The Institute for Hemp, the Institute for Cannabis, has been a reliable and trusted resource for people around the world looking for information about the Cannabis Plant.

We have consulted with People, Businesses, Governors, Senators, Members of Congress and testified before many state Legislatures, spoke at Universities and other groups about Cannabis. If you need assistance please feel free to contact us.

In 2015 The Institute for Hemp changed with the times.  We changed our name to The Institute for Cannabis and opened our focus to include the many other uses of the Cannabis plant.  Having succeeded in starting the Hemp industry it’s time for the Institute to bring to bear it’s incredible resources on the other aspects of the Cannabis plant.  Our dedication to accurate, reliable and trust hasn’t changed.  We will not publish anything unless there is absolute evidence of it being the truth.  Find us on Facebook

Industry Relations

With over 30 years of Industry Involvement The Institute has worked with leaders and businesses through out the legal Cannabis Industry. We work with people like Dr Taylor, Knight Seed, UNI, UNSD, UMN, and many others. We even worked with Customs so that Cannabis products imported into the United States was made easier.

Industry Information With over 40 years of research The Institute has found more information about Cannabis and it’s many uses including CBD oil and makes this information available free of charge. Publisher of The True Hemp Journal.
The Institute was the first to recover from Government Archives the WWII Film Hemp for Victory, A complete list of people Registered with DEA to handle Cannabis legally and other information lost in archives of Libraries around the world.
The Institute has written articles for magazines and books, been interviewed by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, many newspapers and other radio and TV stations promoting the use of Cannabis for it’s 10’s of thousands of it’s uses.

Legislative Assistance

The Institute has been and is available to provide information about Cannabis to help form proper, and stop improper, legislation for the regulation of the Cannabis Industry. We are here to provide and have provided expert advice on the uses of Cannabis.  We do not directly lobby any elected officials about Cannabis.

Regulated Cannabis Industry The Institute has been at the for front of helping establish a well regulated Cannabis Industry. From a State to Federal level a legal Cannabis Industry requires regulation. Responsible state regulation and Federal regulations already exist to regulate the Cannabis Industry.