Under the Freedom Of Information Act certain agencies of the Federal Government are required to disclose certain information.  Especially when it comes to Policies, Procedures and other reports, bulletins and things.  We continue to ask for information from a variety of agencies in the Federal Government in an attempt to figure out what their policies and procedures are in regards to Cannabis.  We publish them here and elsewhere so that they are available to the general public.  In this area you will find documents we have recovered from.

DOJ - Department of Justice *information pending

DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency

HHS - Health and Human Services

NIH - National Institute for Health

NIDA - National Institute for Drug Abuse *information pending

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation *information pending

DOD - Department of Defense *information pending

VA - Veteran’s Affairs

USPS - Office of the Postal Inspector

TSA - Transportation and Safety Administration

Misc Documents - Various documents we have discovered searching government databases

MN Board of Pharmacy - The MN Board of Pharmacy plays some role in Cannabis in Minnesota.

There are also Government Databases you can search and find documents.

Defense Technical Information - Data base of Department of Defense Documents