DEA has released a great deal of information to us, and continues to release more.

As most FOIA filers know when you find one item it leads to another.  In the case of the DEA one file often leads to a dozen other files.


04-04-2017 - DEA Information Removed From Website Site January 2017 - 17-00351-F documents

03-28-2017 - DEA Annual Imports of Cannabis since 2010 - 17-00256-F (DET)

03-27-2017 DEA Forms for Seizures -  DEA7a  - dea-12-2  - DEA-12-3  - DEA-Seizure  - DEA-Seizure-02 - DEA-Seizure-Form-03 - DEA-Seizure-report-04 - DEA-Investgation-Report

12-28-2016 - DEA Bulletin BUL-012-13 Growbots: Self-Contained Portable Marijuana Grow Houses 16-00820-F Partial Response-2

12-28-2016 - DEA Bulletin - Into the Weeds Examining the Growth of Marijuana Dispensaries in the United States 16-00820-F Partial Response-1

11-16-2016 - DEA Bulletin - DEA-BUL-060-15 Subterranean Marijuana Grow room - dea-bul-060-15

11-07-2016 DEA Bulletin - DEA-DCT-BUL-064-15 Medical Marijuana Cards Used as Decoy Tactic - dea-dct-bul-064-15

06-13-2016 - Listing of Publicly available Films from the DEA that refer to Marijuana - REQUEST INFORMATION -

06-14-2016 - DEA Policies and Procedures for request in change to CSA substance - REQUEST PENDING

06-06-2016 Latest DEA Information on Bulletins we are requesting copies of - DEA-FOIA-BULLETINS -

- DEA Bulletin #dea-was-dir-050-15 - Progression of medical and recreational Marijuana Legalization Policies in Maryland and Virginia

May 2016 - We have requested files and folders regarding registration of several of those who have been successful in getting a DEA license to Manufacture Cannabis. We are awaiting these files.

May 2016 - DEA Policies and procedures to obtain a license for Cannabis -  File P1 - FILE P2 -

05-01-2016 Form 225 Licenses for Cannabis - This is a complete list of those that have a license from the DEA to handle Cannabis in the US. - PDF File 16-00257-F-Final- Excel Doc -DEA LIST Excell

2016 - DEA - Diversion-Manual- This 380+ manual covers the DEA Diversion Control Program

2016  - Application Process for Form 225 Cannabis Application DEA-225-1- DEA-225-2

Religious Freedom 01-22-2009 - Guidance Regarding Petitions for Religious Exemptions to the CSA, internal document.

1997 Position of DEA on Industrial Hemp Production - This document was released to the then Institute for Hemp with the DEA’s position on Industrial cultivation of Cannabis.

1997 DEA Supplied list of all Cannabis Registrants - In 1997 the DEA released a list of some 800 people, companies, organizations, universities working with Cannabis.  Today that list is over 3,000 long.