Cannabis Hall of Fame

The Cannabis Hall of Fame.

The Cannabis Hall of Fame is dedicated to the History of Cannabis and those that helped restore it’s rightful place in human history and use.  Since the early 1930’s the Cannabis Industry has been under assault from a variety of people and relegated to something that it clearly isn’t when examined in the light of day.

The Cannabis Hall of Fame is Open to Individuals, Organizations or Companies that have excelled in or progressed the Cannabis Industry in various fields.  At present induction into The Cannabis Hall of Fame is at the discretion of the Institute.  The founder is currently recruiting important individuals to oversee it’s future operation.  In the future we hope that much like other Halls of Fame we will have a committee that will develop a process for induction.

If you think someone should be nominated for inclusion in The Cannabis Hall of Fame, please suggest them to us on our Facebook page or fill in the form below.

In 2016 The following are being inducted into The Cannabis Hall of Fame :

Medical Applications:

  • Manley West, Prof - Prof at the Dept of Pharmacology University of West Indies. Developed Canasol Solution A and B
  • Robert Randall - The First person to be allowed by the US Federal Government to smoke Cannabis in over 50 years.

Industrial Applications:

  • Jack Herer - Author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.  Jack’s book filled with remarkable, lost information about all the other uses of Cannabis was ground breaking for millions of people.

Education Achievement:

  • Ed Rosenthal - Writer, Author of many books, supporter of Cannabis reform for decades.
  • Gatewood Galbraith - Lawyer, Gubernatorial Candidate, Cannabis Legalization advocate. Gatewood declared himself the Last Free Man In America.

Recreational Applications:

  • Thomas Forcade - Founding Publisher of High Times Magazine.  Without Tom’s foresight and leadership the Cannabis Reform Movement would have never started.

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