2016 Cannabis Hall of Fame

In 2016 The following were inducted into The Cannabis Hall of Fame :

Medical Applications:

  • Manley West, Prof - Prof at the Dept of Pharmacology University of West Indies. Developed Canasol Solution A and B
  • Robert Randall - The First person to be allowed by the US Federal Government to smoke Cannabis in over 50 years.

Industrial Applications:

  • Jack Herer - Author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.  Jack’s book filled with remarkable, lost information about all the other uses of Cannabis was ground breaking for millions of people.

Education Achievement:

  • Ed Rosenthal - Writer, Author of many books, supporter of Cannabis reform for decades.
  • Gatewood Galbraith - Lawyer, Gubernatorial Candidate, Cannabis Legalization advocate. Gatewood declared himself the Last Free Man In America.

Recreational Applications:

  • Thomas Forcade - Founding Publisher of High Times Magazine.  Without Tom’s foresight and leadership the Cannabis Reform Movement would have never started.