Hemp for Paper Economic Value

Each year the US uses approx 400 Million Metric Ton paper per year (2013).

The Paper industry at the pulp level is worth over $49 billion U.S. dollars (1).

In order to produce 400 metric tons of material, 50 million acres of farmland would need to be dedicated to the production of the raw material.  50 Million acres is only 10% of the unfarmed land in the United States.

Each year the US Farmers do not plant half their acreage.  The US has approx 1 Billion acres of farm land available and suitable for farming(2).  Of that approx 500 million acres are in various programs and or the farmer simply doesn’t plant.

IF farmers are able to produce Cannabis for paper production it could mean some $30 Billion dollars that are spent on trees being transferred to to the American Farmer.


1 - General Information In Paper Use in the US

2 - USDA Information Bulletin 404 Hemp Hurds for Paper Making Material